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SQL Editor

SQL Editor

Use our flexible SQL IDE that works across datasources

Connected SQL

Whether you’re querying your business app or a data warehouse. Just query your source directly to see data tables and charts, without hopping between tools.


Let our autocomplete do the work of assisting you with the right column names and functions while you can focus on getting to the insight you need.


Need someone to help out with a query? Enable multiple users to work on queries simultaneously with real-time syncing and version control.

Other Features

A full-stack data workspace for all your data needs


Visualize, Share, Embed

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Saved Metrics

Effortlessly create, define and store your key metics to be used across your workspace

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Use Air AI to generate, correct and explain SQL

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Collaborate while building insights, not only after publishing finished reports

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Chart Builder

Add colour to your data story with our interactive charts

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Interlinking Queries

Create subqueries and link them together to always be in the flow

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