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Collaborate while building insights, not only after publishing finished reports

Feedback Loops

Gather requirements, Query collaboratively & maintain close-knit feedback loops through frequent comments, alerts, and snapshots.

Drive Narratives

Drive a narrative for the wider team with all the necessary context and the underlying business logic behind your numbers, so everyone is always on the same page.

Share your work

Share your complete analysis through interactive data applications- with all the numbers, logic, charts and context.

Other Features

A full-stack data workspace for all your data needs


Visualize, Share, Embed

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Saved Metrics

Effortlessly create, define and store your key metics to be used across your workspace

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Use Air AI to generate, correct and explain SQL

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SQL Editor

Use our flexible SQL IDE that works across datasources

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Interlinking Queries

Create subqueries and link them together to always be in the flow

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Chart Builder

Add colour to your data story with our interactive charts

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