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Use Air AI to generate, correct and explain SQL

Generate SQL

Use Air AI to generate SQL queries by simply asking for what you want to analyze. Our AI will look up your data schema and suggest a SQL query ready to run

Correct SQL

If you’ve made errors in your SQL, our AI will suggest corrections and ask for your approval so you can get to your insight quickly!

Explain data

Let AirAI explain your queries in simple english and give you a summary of what your data is trying to tell you within seconds.

Other Features

A full-stack data workspace for all your data needs


Visualize, Share, Embed

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Saved Metrics

Effortlessly create, define and store your key metics to be used across your workspace

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Collaborate while building insights, not only after publishing finished reports

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SQL Editor

Use our flexible SQL IDE that works across datasources

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Interlinking Queries

Create subqueries and link them together to always be in the flow

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Chart Builder

Add colour to your data story with our interactive charts

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