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Chart Builder

Chart Builder

Add colour to your data story with our interactive charts

Flexible builder

Create beautiful charts directly from your datasource or existing SQL tables without switching to apps or complex BI tools. Easily spot patterns, trends, and anomalies.

Customize Viz

Customize colors, labels, axes, filters and legends to make your insights easy to consume.

Interactive Viz

Choose your favourite chart type from our built in visualization library . Dive into the details by interacting with your charts.

Other Features

A full-stack data workspace for all your data needs


Visualize, Share, Embed

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Saved Metrics

Effortlessly create, define and store your key metics to be used across your workspace

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Use Air AI to generate, correct and explain SQL

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Collaborate while building insights, not only after publishing finished reports

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SQL Editor

Use our flexible SQL IDE that works across datasources

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Interlinking Queries

Create subqueries and link them together to always be in the flow

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