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The fastest way to build and share your data work

Airbook is a collaborative workspace where data and business teams generate insights together and confidently.
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Three Simple Steps
this is the airbook logo turned 90 degrees


airbook easy access sql blocks

Bring data to one place using native connectors to over 150+ data sources- business applications, databases or data warehouses. Instantly.

this shows the integrations feature of Airbook


airbook easy access sql blocks

Chain queries and generate insights across data sources in one place- using code or no-code without hopping between multiple tools.

this shows the query feature of airbook which you can do with simple SQL blocks


airbook easy access sql blocks

Gather requirements, share context and collaborate over live data at every step of the decision-making process. No Emails. No Screenshots.

this shows the collaborate and share features of airbook app
this svg shows the 150+ integrations connection features of airbookthis svg shows the query features of airbookthis svg shows the collaborate features of airbook
airbookAI insights

Airbook AI

Generate code, data explanations and summaries using AI

Coming Soon...

One Airbook, Many Use-Cases

Use our purpose built templates with pre-baked metrics to get started.

What users say about Airbook

what david sipos, cto of propertizer says about airbook

David Sipos

CTO at Propertizer

Wow, that was what I looking for some months ago when I tried to make a dashboard for marketing and wanted to add Facebook ads, google ads, and MongoDB stat now here is a tool where I can do it finally!
what anthony green, founder at OpenRep says about Airbook

Anthony Green

Founder at OpenRep

The native connectors to various business apps, databases, and warehouses make it a comprehensive data notebook for generating insights seamlessly. The combination of SQL and no-code functionalities is particularly impressive. Excited to see how it accelerates data-driven decision-making. Kudos to the Airbook team for this innovative solution
what michael guan, founder at FinalRound says about airbook

Michael Guan

Founder at FinalRound

As someone who has juggled the complexities of data analytics, I found Airbook to be a breath of fresh air. Congratulations to the Airbook team on the launch of their Beta. This isn't just a new product; it's a new era for data analytics.
what daxeel soni, founder at MyBenefits says about Airbook

Daxeel Soni

Founder at MyBenefits

Truly an innovative solution for data and business teams looking to streamline insights generation. The combination of SQL and no-code functionalities sounds incredibly promising.
what ali osman alpagu, cofounder at kausar says about airbook

Ali Osman Alpagu

Cofounder at Kausar

What sets Airbook apart is its native connectors to various business apps, databases, and data warehouses. This feature alone has been a game-changer for our team, as it streamlines the process of pulling in data from multiple sources effortlessly.
what mary rumyantzeva, founder at pythia says about airbook

Mary Rumyantzeva

Founder at Pythia

I particularly like the feature of connecting different databases and generating insights from various sources. It seems very useful, especially for medium-sized businesses and teams within corporations.
what evgeny kotelevskiy, founder of social at selzy says about airbook

Evgeny Kotelevskiy

Head of Social at Selzy

This is a great tool for anybody, working with data analysis and searching for one-stop tool to have everything in one place.
what neel patel, product lead at contactbook says about airbook

Neel Patel

Product Lead at ContactBook

Airbook is a killer product! It's a real pain to look at data from different systems, especially when you want to look at them with your team and possibly collaborate as well. Notion-like interface is easy to use! Have seen similar done for documentations, for CRM and now for data analytics!
what robert beasley, founder at tethr says about airbook

Robert Beasley

Founder at Tethr

Airbook is a marvel of a tool, its native connectors make data linking straightforward and direct. Now, my team and I can collaboratively derive insights from various data sources on a single platform with ease, be it through SQL or the no-code options. What I adore the most is that both data teams and business teams find a common ground on Airbook, pushing projects forward together. It truly has made data analysis more efficient and confidence-driven.
what justin bassett-green, data & analytics at product hunt says about airbook

Justin Bassett-Green

Data & Analytics at ProductHunt

These are solid!