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This Airbook discusses deal desk analysis to ensure accurate pricing, clean orders and ensure that each deal is compliant with the company's policies. It covers analyzing discounts, approval times, and conversion rates, and helps optimize the sales process and improve deal quality.

Why should I do Deal Desk Analysis?

Deal Desk Analysis is a crucial process for businesses like Airbook to assess the profitability and viability of sales deals. The deal desk is responsible for evaluating and approving sales proposals, ensuring that deals align with the company's strategic objectives and financial targets.Airbook's Deal Desk Analysis Template provides a structured approach to assess sales deals and make informed decisions on pricing, discounting, and deal terms.

The first step in the analysis is to gather and organize deal data. Airbook's template simplifies data collection and categorizes deal attributes, such as deal size, profitability, discount percentage, and close date.Moreover, the template enables businesses to evaluate deal profitability. By comparing deal revenue and associated costs, companies can determine the impact of each deal on their bottom line.Additionally, Airbook's Deal Desk Analysis Template supports the identification of deal trends and patterns. Businesses can analyze deal data over time to identify successful deal strategies and areas for improvement.Furthermore, the template facilitates collaboration between sales, finance, and other departments involved in deal approval. By providing a centralized platform for deal evaluation, businesses can ensure consistent and informed decision-making.

In conclusion, Deal Desk Analysis is essential for businesses like Airbook to maximize deal profitability and align sales strategies with financial goals. Airbook's Deal Desk Analysis Template equips companies with the necessary tools to gather deal data, evaluate deal profitability, and identify trends. By optimizing deal evaluation and approval processes, businesses can drive sales performance, enhance profitability, and achieve business success.

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